Featured Services

Do you suffer from Allergies?
Well, Allen-Mcmonigle Medical Associates now offers full Allergy Testing. In 15 minutes we can check for 72 of the most common as well as the most rarest of allergy causes.

Do you always feel tired? Do you snore?
Did you know that Sleep Apnea is a common medical condition associated with an increased risk of death from Stroke and Heart disease. Ask us about our new simple overnight Sleep Apnea Detectors. These take home devices easily tell us if you might be at risk for this life threatening treatable condition.

Have you ever wondered “Do I have a memory problem or am I just a little forgetful once in a while?”
Thanks to new state of the art FDA approved computerized testing we can easily answer this question.

Do you have a small skin lesion such as a skin tags or embarrassing wart that you have always wanted to remove but never did for fear of painful cutting procedures?
Allen-McMonigle Medical Associates carries the technologically Advanced “Cryopen” This simple pain free freezing device can destroy most skin growths in under 30 seconds.

We now offering State of the Art Laser Pain treatment.
This FDA approved treatment can be used for Back Pain as well as all types of Joint Pains. This is the same technology used by various Professional Sports Teams, as well as Olympic Athletes.

List of Services

Allen-Mcmonigle Medical Associates is proud to offer a wide range of comprehensive services in our 5,000 square foot Medical Facility. Please call (631) 543-8844 to schedule an appointment today.

  • 24 hour Ambulatory blood pressure monitoring
  • 24 hour heart monitoring, 2 week cardiac “event ”  live monitoring
  • Lung function tests
  • EKG and Stress tests
  • Routine EEGs to check for seizures, 72 hour home  video seizure monitoring
  • Computerized Balance and dizziness testing
  • Nerve and muscle disorder testing
  • We have a full ultrasound and vascular lab
  • Immunizations and Vaccinations
  • Yearly physicals and DOT physicals
  • Laser pain treatment
  • Cryopen freezing of skin lesions.
  • Hearing testing.
  • Glaucoma testing
  • Fully equipped on site blood drawing station and laboratory
  • computerized memory testing
  • Computerized Home sleep apnea testing
  • Computerized Metabolism testing
  • Full allergy testing
  • Smoking cessation treatments
  • Obesity counseling
  • Full STD testing capabilities
  • Cancer Prevention testing
  • Diabetes, cholesterol and  blood pressure management
  • Management of skin disorders
  • Diagnosis of kidney and liver disorders
  • Management of neurological. Heart  and gastrointestinal disorders
  • Treatment of sinus, asthma and other lung disorders
  • Treatment of multiple sclerosis, headaches , brain, nerve and muscle disorders
  • Thyroid testing
  • Back and joint pain
  • Lyme disease treatment and diagnosis
  • Laser treatment of toenail fungus
  • Prostate and urinary problems
  • Mammogram and bone density ordering
  • Autoimmune disease testing
  • Hair loss evaluation
  • Sexual dysfunction including erectile dysfunction
  • Depression and anxiety treatment
  • Flu testing
  • Strep throat testing
  • Adult ADD testing and treatment